This chair is in great shape! Runs with no issue. Tires are like new as you can tell by photos. No damage on chair with the exception of a few scratches and scrapes. It has 94 miles on it. I did have some work done to it since it was stored poorly. Brand new batteries, control module, computer and a few touch ups. Shipping is available. Price varies on location. Also delivery available for Flor...
Argan Oil Booster Kerati Treatment Cream 8 fl. with Keratin by Star Hair Styles
Teledyne shower massage, get a massage while taking a shower.
Woman's Accordion magnification mirror, six and a half inch square. Wall mountable, magnifying mirror one side, other side standard mirror.
Thin mirror that is nailed to the wall 2 vanity base light bulb base 8 led light bulbs Table top Does not include drawers Pick up only
Temperature controlled four modes
Never been used, payed $18,000.00 asking price $3,000.00
Durable, heavy-gauge Rubber conforms to body contour cleans easily with a damp cloth for home, office, travel
4 settings, maintains comfortable even Heat, entire pad is machine washable, 10 foot cord
I deal for lower back sprains, Strains and muscle spasms. Removable lumbar pad for concentrated support

Tread mill





Elliptical good condition
Call 1 (855) 600-7623. A doctor to arrive within one hour of your call. Serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and surrounding areas. Visit time ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. Visit prestigehousecalls.com.
There are many factors that can lead to chemical dependence; a young adult can succumb to a new environment facilitating college drug addiction, hanging around “the wrong crowd,” reacting to an emotional or physical trauma, or any number of other reasons. The desire to protect our sons and daughters from anything that may harm them is biologically built into all parents. Parent can only sup...
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Introducing the all in one Zig-Zag Stealth Vaporizer Kit! This Slender pen style vaporizer is made from high quality materials with a unique centered wickless Ceramic Heating Chamber for smooth sessions. This vaporizer is lightweight, portable and discrete. It’s great for dry herbs and waxy oils and already comes with 1 Nano Cartridge for E-Liquids. Available only at Only $44.95. ...
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The AtmosRx Grinder Kit is the smallest, battery powered grinder on the market. It’s quick, and easy to use. Just load, grind and go!. This kit includes many important features like the spring spade, grinder chamber, usb and the user manual. This device is being available at only the $39.95 at you Atmosrx Stores. Rush Today!..Limited stock available. For More Useful Information visit: http:/...
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